Thursday, 30 August 2012

Monthly favorites: August 2012

Hey, pals! Hope you all had awesome August!

  As this kind of posts became so popular, I decided to do it myself, focusing not only on clothing and beauty items, but telling you also about music, books, blogs and so on. I think, it’s a great way to know more about me. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

   Well, to begin with, I have to say that during all August I’ve been feeling like some dude in hell or heaven have decided to mess my life completely. First half of the month I’d been recovering after a painful heart break, I’ve been extremely busy with my local jewelry shop and at the same time I had been babysitting my 8-years-old niece and spend a lot of hours, watching The Simpsons and playing computer games, yelling ‘DIE, bastards’. Pretty. But finally I managed to fix myself a bit and the second part of the month was quite interesting: I finally started my blog and I also have been involved into a couple of exciting projects as a PR-girl. I’ll tell you all about them later.

WARNING: This post is really loooooong.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

People are yelling all over my dress

Hey, hope you all are well!

   I was planning to shoot another outfit today (a fall one), but the weather was quite pleasant, so I ended up putting together a very old and brand new items. This ‘people all over’ Zara dress is extremely old and almost worn to death, whereas this vest by CUTE, local designer trio, is a brand new one. By the way, it’s my very first vest ever. I was taking a shower a few days ago, yelling some Lady Gaga songs (yes, I am a shower prima donna), when a thought came to my mind (ideas always come to me in the shower). I thought, a vest would go perfectly with this dress, so I almost ran to CUTE, who are becoming my favorire designers ever. Well, I mean, I have finished my shower concert, wiped myself, dressed up and only then ran to CUTE ;)

*Thanks for fantabulous Lada, who took these pics*
Dress: Zara (very old)
Platforms: Zara (new collection)
Nailpolish: Cashmere Cardigan by Orly (my new obsession)

Have a great life! x, your Banana

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Bloopers time!

Hey hey hey! (I know, it sounds a bit Krusty the Clown-ish, but this post isn’t serious)

Well, my bananafriends, as you all have been so incredibly sweet to me, I decided to show you  a ‘real me’ and  give you a reason to laugh a little bit. 

So...get a popcorn and meet...Banana-behind-the-camera!

Hmm I think, you’ve just farted in front of a fashion blogger...

Friday, 24 August 2012

A fall haul

   Hey bananas, today I have a haul as I am getting ready to fall season. To be honest, I am already ready, ‘cause August in Yekaterinburg is usually feels like fall, whereas September might be burning hot. Anyway, I went to Zara a week ago and now I have some beauties to show you...

  Well, my main purchase is this navy studded coat. I was looking for something simple yet interesting and - as usual - Zara saved me. The material contains 80% of natural wool, this Zara A-line silhouette always fits me well and, by the way, the coat looks awesome with my favourite fringe bag by Barbara Boner. To be honest, it’s not that I’m in love with the collar, but I am going to wear it with a big black knitted scarf or hopefully I’ll find a grey fur collar. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Spiced casual

Hey guys! Hope you have everything Coca-Cola!

   As one of my colleages once said, ‘Sveta is a girl who always wear perfect dresses’. Of course, I can’t wear my perfect dresses all the time and so this is how I look when I’m having kind of a lazy day and just spending time with my family. By the way, the weather in Yekaterinburg now is not so great, it feels like fall so I really don’t know what to wear (how shameful for a fashion blogger haha). 

 Talking about shameful and awkward, I met a guy the street (hey if you’re reading this). How weird is it? We were crossing the street, he just smiled at me, passing by, and I didn’t come with any better than ‘Hey, wanna go somewhere with me?’. Oh-my-Gosh. But he seems nice and want to go out with me though I've talked and laughed too much (as usual). Wish me luck, my dear readers!

Top, pants, flats: Zara
Bag: Barbara Boner
Bracelet, necklace: H&M
Ring: Sigal (
Lipgloss: Russian Red by MAC
Nailpolish: Eternal Optimist by Essie

Have a great life, see you soon...

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

What men want: jewelry edition

   Hey ladies, let’s chat our dear men today! Or, to be exact, their taste in terms of our outfits. I think, now it’s no secret for anyone that a lot of men don’t like too edgy clothing and accessories and prefer us to look very feminine. For example, my dearest ex had always been too fussy about my wardrobe, he especially hates my favourite chunky stone rings. Not that it bothered me too much, I wouldn’t change my style much for a guy, but maybe it’s important for you (or maybe you’re going to a first date and you wanna look incredibly feminine and sexy?). Anyway, let’s analyse what exactly they want.

   Well, I had examined five men from 20 to 30 for you and they picked out pieces from my own local shop Rosa Banana, which they really like and want to see on their girlfriends. Unfortunately, if you are not in Russia, you can’t order these items, but I do think you can find something similar in other countries.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Shades of blue

Top, skirt, belt: Zara 
Heels: Foxy by Jeffrey Campbell
Sunnies, necklace: H&M
Gold ring: Sigal (
Lipstick: Costa Chic by MAC
Nailpolish: Orange Fizz by Chanel

Hey guys, I have a question for you: what kinds of posts would you like to see? I’m planning to do a fall haul very soon and I also am thinking about showing you my nailpolish collection. Feel free to leave any requests!

Hope you all are well! Don't forget to comment and subscribe!

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The mysterious pants

Jacket, clutch: Zara
Pants: CUTE (young local brand)
Heels: Foxy by Jeffrey Campbell
Lipstick: Plumful by MAC
Nailpolish: Navigate Her by Essie

I almost never wear pants. I used to, but now I wear it once a month (I guess after I fell in love with Blair Waldorf style). Despite all that I just had to buy these ones. You know, there is a thing about me: every time I see a strange clothing item, an immediate thought comes to my mind: ‘BANANA, YOU NEED THIS’. Sometimes, when a thing is too weird (such as my apple headband from my 1st post), I imagine what would happen if nobody buy it and how sad that poor strange thing will be. That way I’ve collected a wardrobe full of odd things but I do love them all. If I don’t wear them often, I just enjoy looking at them.

What about you, do you have some odd stuff in your wardrobe/closet and what is it? What do you think about weird clothing and accessories? Do you like these pants?

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Javier the Gentledog, lace and curls

   Well, how you’ll see, I just came back from a hairstylist, put an outfit together, made a pretty face, bad guy, who was in a playful mood, decided it’s better to shoot some bloopers. His name is Javier, but everybody call him Gentledog because of his intelligent appearance, his passion for modelling, sushi and a black tea. 

Cardigan: CUTE (young local brand)
Dress: H&M
Belt: Zara
Heels: Foxy by Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Barbara Boner
Earrings: vintage
Ring, necklace: my russian shop Rosa Banana
Lipgloss: Russian Red by MAC
Nailpolish: Limo Scene by Essie

And now...let's hop right in fun!

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

I wanna be your Carmen

Top, belt: Zara
Skirt: vintage
Heels: Foxy by Jeffrey Campbell
Hat, necklace: H&M
Clutch: Alessandro Frenza
Nailpolish: Limo Scene by Essie

Hope you enjoy! Please guys, don't forget to comment! It means a lot to me and helps me to improve my blog.

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