Sunday, 28 October 2012

CUTE fall campaign

Hey, my dearest readers!

   Banana is back on blogging track. I’m not shameless enough to make up some excuses  for my absence in here so I'll just say that I was a bit ill and needed a break from my online life, being a naughty lazy lady. But it’s all over, guys, and I’m with you, full of life and ready to write. A lot of posts are coming soon, such as October favorites, a very exciting haul and a few interesting outfits!

   Anyway, my disgusting behavior and your great expectations aside, today I want to share with you this incredible mysterious campaign I fell in love with as I’m in love with all CUTE designs. CUTE is my absolutely favorite local designer brand by three  charming girls, Marina, Uliana and Alexandra, who have amazing taste and miraculous hands (their clothing quality is wonderful, I mean). You can see their  clothing artworks in almost every single outfit in here and I think, you’ll see the designers themselves very soon ‘cause I’m planning to do an interview (wll it be interesting for you?).  

So...hope you’ll enjoy!

P.S. By the way, this is a dude. Dima, sorry, I just had to add this just in case.

COMING SOON: a huge and interesting report from local shopping and music festival Sunday Up Market. Interesting? Follow!

Have a great life! 

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rose gold pleasure

Hey guys!

   I have a question for you today: what are you styling rose gold pieces with? I have been liking rose gold jewelry and nailpolish recently, but I found them a bit tricky to combine with some particular colors in clothing. I know it goes great with blush, pink and beige shades, but I don’t really wear them. So I wear rose gold with berry shades, cream lace and forest green, and also a few days ago I came up with this outfit. What do you think?

Dress: CUTE (young local designer brand; spring 2012 collection)
Heels: Carlo Pazolini
Bag: Zara (new collection)
Chain, hair cuff: H&M (I believe you can still get them)
Nailpolish: Rage by Orly 

Have a great life!

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Monthly favorites: September 2012 (better late than never, right?)

Hey guys, hope your September was ok!

   I have no excuse, I was a lazy monkey's ass and now doing this post like in the middle of October. Well, another month has gone (or flew by in nano-seconds, as for me).  I had been extremely busy all that time: I managed to quit my job, found new better one in fashion industry (honestly, thanks to a weird unsuccessful date, when I got not a man but the job haha), I met a lot of interesting people, finally got a bf...yeah, my September was fabulous.

  So now it’s time to show you what I’ve been wearing, eating and reading this month and this time I managed to cut my list down (do you remember my last riduculously long favorites post?). 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Million, million golden dots

   Total black, mam? Yes, please! We all love total black outfits, they make us feel modern, sexy and casual at the same time. I used to love them, I literally wore black all the time, but it feels quite dull for me now. Start wearing colors was one of my last New Year’s resolutions, and I think I made that pretty well, colors made me feel like I’m enjoying life a bit more. Of course, I still have that kind of days when I just want to wear all black, but I try to spice it up with a little bits of color.
Shirt, pants: Zara (new collection)
Jacket: Neohit (almost as old to be called vintage)
Clutch: Leonid Titow (young russian designer)
Booties: Carlo Pazolini
Scarf: made by my Mom
Earrings: Mom’s gift
Gold bracelet: H&M
Malachite bracelets: my russian shop Rosa Banana
Ring: Sigal (

On my nails: Oui by Orly 
On my eyes: MAC eyeshadows in Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe, Cranberry and Carbon
On my lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo

Have a great life!

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Keep your poncho on, girl. Be afraid of red winds

    Poncho. That’s a funny word. Pon-cho. The shape of this clothing item is funny too, and as you’ve already know, I love all sorts of funny things. As one of my drunk friends once said, 'I feel like wearing poncho, 'cause you never feel sad in it!'. Anyway, I’m glad my Mom got me this poncho as a gift last fall, ‘cause this is an incredibly cozy thing and its colors are perfect for fall. 

   By the way, sorry for my absence. I am a bit ill and weather in here are just crazy, it feels like almost winter, so shooting isn’t really an option. I promise I’ll do a lot more outfit posts and a September favorites very soon. This outfit was taken pictures of quite a while ago and I didn’t actually want to show them to you because of the sucking lighting, but...So ‘yay’ for saving things!

Total look: Zara (the bag is from a new collection)
3-piece coral ring: Rachel&Frank (
Jantar ring: vintage
Aventurina ring, earrings: my russian shop Rosa Banana
Lipstick: Hung Up by MAC
Nailpolish: We’ll always have Paris by OPI 

Have a great life! 

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