Monday, 5 November 2012

Monthly favorites: October 2012

Hey guys!

   Hope you all had incredible October and mysterious Halloween! As for me, this month wasn’t fantabulous at all. It has been rainy and grey outside, and so has been inside of me. I had a kind of autumnal depression, all I wanted were a blanket and a big mug of tea, so I don’t have lots of super-exciting things to show you. Anyway, as another month has pass, you’ll see what I’d been wearing, reading and watching that time. 


   As always, I’ll start with my clothing favorites, and the first one is this double-sided woollen scarf from Camaieu, which my Mom just randomly saw on a mannequin and liked so much that she got two of them, for me and for herself, though we aren’t actually shop there. One side of the scarf is a plain graphite grey, whereas the other is a sparkly light grey. It’s very cheap, but the quality is amazing and it goes with a lot of different things, so I’ve been wearing it almost every day.

   Another clothing favorite is the forest green skirt by CUTE, my favorite local designer brand. I got very tired of maxi skirts during summer, ‘cause every girl wore them, but now, when there are not so many of this skirts on the street, I started wearing this one again (it was from their last winter collection). This skirt is perfect for this time of the year not only because of its color, but also ‘cause it’s very thick, so it can keep me warm.

   As for jewelry I had been loving these two pieces, a rose gold H&M chain (I wear it as a necklace, short or long, or as a wrap bracelet) and a pale greyish green chalcedony ring from my russian jewelry shop Rosa Banana. They both are quite a statement pieces, but go with a lot of different outfits. 

   I had no makeup favorites except for one eyeshadow this month, and this is ‘Cranberry’ by MAC. It looks pretty scary red, and to be honest, I used to wear them during my punky youth (and I looked like Wednesday Addams). Actually it was FleurDeForce, one of my favorite youtubers ever, who inspired me to repurchase it. I have been wearing this perfect fall shade almost every day on the outer corners of my eyes, combining it with shimmery champaigne shade called ‘Naked lunch’ (all over the lids), slightly shimmery greyish brown‘Satin Taupe’ (for the creases and  the outer corners) and ‘Carbon’, plain matte black one, as a liner. 
Here you can see the eye makeup with this shadow:

   My nailpolish choice this October actually were two very popular ones, a lot of girls have them: ‘We’ll always have Paris’ by OPI, a beautiful and sophisticated burgundy one, which looks gorgeous on pale skin and makes hands look very well-groomed, and ‘Rage’ by Orly, metallic rose gold polish, very feminine and festive. By the way, they both stay very long time on my nails without any chipping. 

   I had been breaking out quite badly this October, which is really surprising, ‘cause my skin used to be normal and I didn’t change my skincare or a diet. I went to the drugstore and pick out this Garnier Pure 3-in-1 Wash + Mask + Scrub, not knowing anything about anti-acne products. Surprisingly again, this little thing did a great job. I have been using this as quick everyday morning mask, applying it all over my wet face, leaving for the time I brush my teeth and then massaging it gently. It leaves my face very soft and refreshed,  and after two weeks of using it my skin looks much better.
   Another refreshing little thing is this Cottage Happy shower daiquiri gel. Maybe it is kind of summery option, but I don’t like too sweet-fragranced shower products (except for LUSH ones), and this one is perfect for me, especially for morning showers, when I want something mood-lifting. By the way, it smells more like mojito. 

   My favorite book this month was ‘One hundred years of solitude’ by G.G. Marquez. It’s a very famous classic one, and I’m sure a lot of you have read it already. I’m actually had been re-reading it after Maria from Crashing Red remained me of this book when I asked you a few favorites posts back about your favorite books. A lot of people don’t like it, my bestie actually said that ‘it’s the most dull book in the world so I’m not surprised it’s one of your favorite’ (sometimes I think she hates me).   Yes, I adore ‘One hundred years of solitude’ because I love anything Spanish, I love  long family sagas, I love gypsie stories (oh now I sound so old Donna Rosa-ish)...What you have to know is there’s no proper action in this book, it’s just a story about one big Spanish family, every member of which had always been very lonely in his heart. It can be difficult for some of you to read, because there are a lot of characters and many of them wear the same name, but...I do think that Senior Marquez is a genuis, because the book is written the way you end up feeling very close to every single character, you finish the book loving all the members of Buendia family no matter how different they are...

   One more thing, and we’re done...I had no food favorites this month, but I had a movie! Let me introduce you to the movie, which receive no criticism from me...Right, NO ONE SINGLE CRITICISM. The story is quite plain: a young man, strong and full of life, harsh and rude, raised in a poor district, starts working as a carer for an old - and old-fashioned - disabled man, rich and elegant, bitter and tired, and they basically manage to change each other lives.  ‘The Intouchables’ movie is perfect. They managed to find a great balance between fun and sadness. Watch it. 

That's it, guys! Hope you've enjoyed, feel free to leave any questions and requests!

Have a great life!

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  1. Замечательные фотографии! особенно мне первые 2 понравились! ты такая милая!:))


  2. Beautiful post! Love the burgundy shade.

  3. Zome4atelnii post! :)
    Have a happy November!

  4. I love that eyeshadow and the ghost pop is so cute!


  5. So many interesting things! The scarves look really beautiful - so sweet of your mum to pick them for you. Sorry to hear about the skin - although I can assure you it looks beautiful and perfect on your photos.


  6. Nice post!! ... Visit and check my new post!!

  7. omg i'm so in love with that super quirky green ring!
    thx for the comment dear :)

  8. Love your monthly favorites. I really want to try cranberry by mac , seems like the perfect color for fall. And thanks for sharing your favorite book, I like to find different things to read :-).

  9. I really love the way you shoot your objects, the pieces are so well put in light. So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, and oh yeah I totes followed you since your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me, you don't have to follow me back don't worry. Btw, I recently did an outfit post in an elevator; who'd knew it was that tough to pose in a metal box, you've gotta' check it out!

    xx The Provoker

  10. Hahaha you look funny with that candy, hope your had an incredible Halloween and as Nathan I can say the same: love the shoots of your new objects, so pretty!

  11. so cool..nice stuff! I love MAC and OPI
    wpuld you like to follow each other?
    xoxo Ewa

  12. Fun photos, I love the eye shadow!

    <3 Josephine

  13. Amazing blog <3
    Do you want to follow each other?
    Let me know;)

  14. I love the jeweled ring and the deep toned makeup!! Great post.

  15. The H&M chain is lovely!!! Wanna follow each other?

  16. Lovely blog!
    I following you on BLOGLOVIN, do the same if you want:
    kisses ANDY

  17. Bellissime foto (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo outfit sul mio blog,
    fammi sapere cosa ne pensi ;)

  18. haha this post is so sweet and you are so beautiful

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  19. oh, sorry to hear october hasn't been too good with you. hoping november will be better :)

  20. wish you the happiest new month EVER! Its all about the attitude!
    Smile on!
    Kiss from Miami!

  21. :) Thanks for your lovely visit! We are Bulgarian but these names are popular in Bulgaria as well. xoxo


  22. Aw! Sweetie, I invite you to my souther end of the world, to cheer you with our Spring time! Although "Cien años de soledad" by "Gabo Marquez" isn't the best option for a depressed soul, hehe! I wish you bright smiles for the rest of the season!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my previous posting!
    If you go through my site, you will find my new post, I hope you enjoy it!

    Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!
    Big hugs!


  23. Awwww you're too sweet for me guys! Thank you <3


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