Saturday, 13 October 2012

Monthly favorites: September 2012 (better late than never, right?)

Hey guys, hope your September was ok!

   I have no excuse, I was a lazy monkey's ass and now doing this post like in the middle of October. Well, another month has gone (or flew by in nano-seconds, as for me).  I had been extremely busy all that time: I managed to quit my job, found new better one in fashion industry (honestly, thanks to a weird unsuccessful date, when I got not a man but the job haha), I met a lot of interesting people, finally got a bf...yeah, my September was fabulous.

  So now it’s time to show you what I’ve been wearing, eating and reading this month and this time I managed to cut my list down (do you remember my last riduculously long favorites post?). 

  I’ll start with my clothing favorites, and my first item is this very bright red jacket from Zara, which I absolutely in love with.  It’s very comfortable and I had a lot of compliments every time I wore  this baby (and you guys all seemed to like it). I bought it as a dupe for classy tweed jacket I wanted, and I ‘ve never regret buying this one instead. By the way, I have mostly have been styling it in nautical way (you can see it on me in this outfit post).

  I also had been wearing these odd complex cut pants a lot which is surprising ‘cause I thought before that they would be difficult to pair things with. They are very hard to show off, but you could already seen them on me in this recent outfit post and also in that summer one. As it turned out, they go great with a lot of plain fit tops, printed T-shirts and jackets, and they can be both dressed up and down. What is surprising as well, they actually sit very flattering. Oh, I forgot to mention, they were from summer collection by CUTE, my beloved local designer trio.

My favorite bag that month had been this oversize clutch by Leonid Titow, young russian designer. I especially like the stripy material inside.

   My jewelry favorites had been this triangle obsidian ring and the marble & aventurina earrings from my russian shop Rosa Banana. By the way, aventurina is my favourite stone ever, I love its mysterious galaxy effect (it is waaaaaay more than sparkly in real life).

  Moving on to makeup, I have no particular favorites except for this lipgloss which is Russian Red by MAC. I have been  into classic red lips look recently (me and my friends actually admit it’s the better choice of shade for me), and I think glossy version of it looks more interesting. If you are not into glossy reds, MAC also sell a matte red lipstick, which is also gorgeous and also named Russian Red. 

  I have two haircare items to show you. The first is I Love Juicy сlarifying shampoo by LUSH. It ‘s not that I have a very oily hair (my sculp is quite oily, nothing serious, and the lower half of my hair is very dry), I just love how it works on my hair, leaving it voluminous and texturized, and its divine fruity smell, which remains me of vacation. By the way, my bf also adores this. What I have to say, this shampoo can make your hair more dry, so it should be matched with a strong conditioner. So is my next favorite, Macadamia Nourishing Leave-in cream. Oh my God, ladies, it makes magic. Seriously. I don’t really know why, but as I said, the ends of my hair is very very dry. I don’t blowdry them very often, don’t use a curler or something, so my hair just is the way they are. This product makes them soft, shiny and healthy-looking. Macadamia products are quite expensive, but they totally worth it and what I can admit this cream is very efficient (if it’s the proper word for what I mean), I have a huge 300 ml bottle and I need only one pump every time for a loooooot of hair. I also love its fresh fruity smell.

  My favorite nailpolishes this September had been Hyperion by MAC (pale greyish blue one, which was last winter limited edition; I can’t remember a name of the collection) and Smokin Hot by Essie (dark muddy brown shade with purple undertone in it). They both look very sophisticated, go with absolutely everything and make my hands look more polished.

  Moving on to non-beauty and non-fashion favs, I have two books to show you. First of them, Extremely loud & Incredibly close by S.Foer, tells us a story of a boy, whose Dad left him on 9.11. Desperately trying to deal with it, the boy, Oskar, finds a key inside of a vase at home and thinks this is another game, which had his Dad invented (they were a huge fans of quests and some games like that). So he starts his adventure across whole NYC...I’d read this book avidly, almost in one sit, and what I can now’s genuine. The author managed to keep me strained across all pages, and the strange illustations actually helped with that. By the way, the book also follows another story line about Oskar’s grandparents, who were some kind of mental unhealthy, and I very like to read about psyhological problems.  This book has a lot of twists and turns and it also ends in a very unexpected way, so I hardly recommend you to read it (or watch, ‘cause there are already the movie, which I very excited to watch very soon. If you already have, tell me about it in the comments!). 

  Another genuine book I’d also read that month is The Night Circus by E. Morgenstern. If you are a fan of Harry Potter series, Alice in Wonderland and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,  read this, even if not - read this anyway as soon as possible! This is divine. I adore the circus-themed books and movies and this book was a big pleasure to read. The story line is quite a complicated one, so I can only say to you that this masterpiece is about love in a mysterious magical curcus (oh now it sounds so cheesy, trust me, it’s not). Just read it. ‘The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It’s simply there, when yesterday it was not. It is called Le Cirque des Reves, and it’s only open at night...’. 

This is what I meant talking about strange illustrations:

  One more item, and we are done, friends! The edible favorite thing that month had been this cottage cheese baked pudding by President. I had been enjoying this for breakfast, ‘cause I sometimes want something sweet, but it’s also very filling and healthy option. By the way, you can buy it with whatever flavor you want. I guess this item only available in Russia, so sorry foreigners! :)

That’s finally it, guys! Hope you’ve enjoyed this, feel free to leave any questons! 

And don’t have a great life!

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  1. милый пост очень милый :3

  2. Отличные покупки, очень красиво!
    Нравится жакет)

    gvozdishe on Facebook

  3. Ой, сколько всего интересного! И все очень красивое, серьги, пиджак и клатч -мои фавориты.

  4. aaww that picture is soo adorvable <3 x

  5. Красивые фото и приобретения! Откуда у тебя такой классный английский!?

  6. I read the night circus and loved it too! So magical I wish there really was a circus like that!

    Just letting you know i'm hosting a giveaway at the moment, hope you enter:

  7. Славные покупки! Особенно клатч понравился! Умилила последняя фотография, у меня на завтрак сегодня тоже творожная запеканка, только с вишней)))
    Потрясающий английский)
    Светлана, а как насчет взаимного ПЧ?)

  8. Спасибо, девушки, только это НЕ ПОКУПКИ! ЭТО ЛЮБИМЫЕ ВЕЩИ СЕНТЯБРЯ!)))))
    Я бы не сказала, что английский мой потрясающий, мне еще работать и работать)) Ну, мб, ненужно скромничаю. Так, книги-фильмы-поездки. Школа и универ мне в этом плане ничего не дали, к сожалению.

  9. Great post! Love the first picture, Rosa, PERFECT!

  10. i really love this post!!!
    Congrats on quitting.
    Congrats on your new job.
    And definitely a congrats on your new bf!!! lol.

  11. Thank you all, that means a lot.

  12. Такие классные фото!особенно первое с очаровательным псом:)Красный жакет покорил мое воображение!шикарная вещь!


  13. Спасибо за комментарий в моем блоге, я зафоловила твой блог через gfc, с удовольствием буду читать;)

  14. Благодарю покорнейшим образом, дамы!

  15. I really like zara jacket and the colours of the nail polishes! xx

  16. I LOVE the red jacket and the clutch!!!
    The earrings are so pretty :D

  17. That red jacket is adorable! And, those nail colors are perfect for fall.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  18. I love this view into Rosa Banana's world! I love the shots over the dry leaves!
    My apologies for being a bit absent ... work, work, work ... ugh!
    I'd love to know what you think about my new post ...
    A big hug!


  19. Thank all of you, you're the awesomest!

  20. Awesome pics!! I love all! Kisses!

  21. I love the zara jacket and I'm really interested to read the books you mentioned. They seem like some I would like. I've been looking for a clarifying shampoo, so I think I'll give the lush one a try. Congrats on the new job and boyfriend ;)

  22. Great list, the red jacket is classic and fun at the same time, your nail polish is very pretty, great books, and I love the pic with your dog the most.
    Come on by if you have time, maybe we could follow each other.


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