Sunday, 28 October 2012

CUTE fall campaign

Hey, my dearest readers!

   Banana is back on blogging track. I’m not shameless enough to make up some excuses  for my absence in here so I'll just say that I was a bit ill and needed a break from my online life, being a naughty lazy lady. But it’s all over, guys, and I’m with you, full of life and ready to write. A lot of posts are coming soon, such as October favorites, a very exciting haul and a few interesting outfits!

   Anyway, my disgusting behavior and your great expectations aside, today I want to share with you this incredible mysterious campaign I fell in love with as I’m in love with all CUTE designs. CUTE is my absolutely favorite local designer brand by three  charming girls, Marina, Uliana and Alexandra, who have amazing taste and miraculous hands (their clothing quality is wonderful, I mean). You can see their  clothing artworks in almost every single outfit in here and I think, you’ll see the designers themselves very soon ‘cause I’m planning to do an interview (wll it be interesting for you?).  

So...hope you’ll enjoy!

P.S. By the way, this is a dude. Dima, sorry, I just had to add this just in case.

COMING SOON: a huge and interesting report from local shopping and music festival Sunday Up Market. Interesting? Follow!

Have a great life! 

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  1. очень красивая фотосессия! очень удивилась, когда узнала, что это парень :)) но цвет губ потрясающий.

  2. Amazing words, the photography is exquisite!

  3. Это парень???очень красиво и необычно получилось!Ждем интервью ;)

  4. love the campaign. the images are so striking.

  5. great post!!! ;)

  6. Bellissime foto ;D Reb, xoxo.
    *Ho pubblicato un post sul mio blog dedicato a uno dei miei
    ultimi acquisti, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi ;) eccoti il link:

  7. This is amazing!

  8. So intense! Love the pics :)

  9. Впечатляет!цвета, пейзаж, модель, позы - все настолько гармонично!


  10. stunning inspiration!


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