Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My jewelry collection part 1: the rings & earrings

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

     As my long awaited post  I’ve decided to show you a requested for a long time  jewelry collection. For those of you who’ve been reading me for a while, it’s not a secret that I’m absolutely obsessed with jewelry. For a quick introducton I should say that I actually prefer chunky stones and you won’t find here a lot of trendy spiked jewelry, neon plastic necklaces or something, it’s just not my cup of tea. Despite the most part of my babies are from my russian shop Rosa Banana, I’m not that brand loyal with them as I am with the clothing, so I have vintage pieces from my Grandma, quite expensive gifts from my parents, H&M stuff and so on and so forth. Just from everywhere. So...may I have a honor to invite you to dig in my jewelry box?
  1. Rings. 
     I’ll start with rings because they’re my favorite jewelry items ever and I actually feel naked without at least one of them. My bestie often calls me old gypsie woman ‘cause I can go out with a ring on my every finger.
     Here are my most bright and summery ones. A round turquoise ring was a gift from Mom ages ago, whereas the other ones are from my shop: a malachite one, an absolutely huge lemon onyx bad boy, a green jantar one which seems to have a beads inside and a bit sparkly greyish green chalcedony beauty.

     Here I have a three-piece-coral ring by Rachel & Frank which I got from jerusalembazar.ru (I got mine around 2 years ago, but check the shop out anyway if you are in Russia or somewhere near, they always have a variety of similar ones in stock). I wear it with a vintage jantar one which used to be my Mom’s.

     A lot of you love this galaxy ring, and I adore this beauty too! The stone called aventurina and the stone next to it called obsidian. They both goes with absolutely everything. By the way, they’re from my shop.

     I guess the most edgy ones I have are these two from my shop. First one is obsidian ring which I wear if I need something minimalistic or just work-appropriate, and the other one with amethyst is just a party king, which can dress up every outfit!

     I have only two rings in gold,  and the  left one is by Sigal (jerusalembazar.ru). Love it and wear with everything!  The right one was worn only two a three times because of its coppery setting, which makes it a bit hard to match with other jewelry (even despite I’m not a big fan of matching). It was from a random vintage online shop (can’t remember the name, sorry). 

   2. Earrings

     These all are my most worn ones. The last one, black crossy earrings, were a gift from parents (so don’t sure where there’re from), all the others were from my shop: a marble & aventurina ones (and aventurinas are more sparkly in real life!), an astrophillite ones in a leather setting, and a clear crystal rock beauties.

     As an opposite to previous sophisticated ones, here are enormously huge hoops (goes down to my shoulders) from random local shop in Spain. Oh Gosh I can’t describe how I love these bad boys! All that I love combines in them: Spain, gypsies, red color, flowers...They are perfect. 

     The most treasured ones in my collection are these vintage earrings from my Grandma. They are clips - which is a bit uncomfortable and I always afraid of losing them - and if you’re wandering which metal they made of, it’s a darkened silver. I wear it whem I want to look and feel very sophisticated and luxurious. 

     The second most treasured earrings are these top ones from my shop. Have you guys  seen something as gorgeous before? I don’t think so. The small ones were my Dad’s gift. I wear them if I want something more dainty for a heavily printed outfit, for example.

     These earrings I wear not as much as they deserve, don’t know why ‘cause they are so unique. They are both made from yashma and both were from my Rosa Banana shop. By the way have you noticed the right ones have the leather setting? 

     Let me introduce you to the very first gold earrings I bought.  These turquoise & pearl beauties were by Sigal, again from jerusalembazar.ru (and they always have similar ones in stock). Love them madly and deeply, they’re so refreshing and go with absolutely everything.

     These nautical babies were picked out in some random local jewelry shop (can’t remember the name).

     I decided to finish my post with the most dainty earrings with emeralds which my Mom gave me.  
They’re the most comfortable earrings ever and I wear it mostly when I have a heavily decorated or printed tops or to combine with the chunky gold necklace which you’ll see in my next post. 

     That’s it, folks! Don’t forget to follow if you like this post and want to see my bracelets and necklaces (the 2nd part is coming up in 2 days!)

Have a great life!

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  1. Красивые вещи, не тривиальные) Люблю камни, очень! В моей шкатулке подобных много, особенно люблю аметист и яшму)
    Удачной недели!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

    1. Спасибо, рада, что нравятся.

  2. Глаза разбежались %-0

  3. wow, these are gorgeous! great collection and thanks for sharing :)


  4. I love all your rings, beautiful collection <3 x


  5. love the rings..

  6. amazing pieces! love the vintage meets modern vibe of the rings!
    happy holidays doll!

  7. Какая чудесная коллекция! И правда, разбегаются глаза!!! :)
    Случайно нашла ваш блог и рада, что заглянула! С огромным удовольствием стану одной из ПЧ!
    Буду очень рада видеть вас и у себя в гостях! Ксения

    Una chica fashiontastica

    С Рождеством и Наступающим Новым Годом!

  8. love all your earrings, especially the anchored ones!

  9. Nice collection, Rosa. Where is the part 2? I love the hoops and onyx earrings. Did you design them all? Hats off to you if you did! I would love to see more of your collection. Where are the necklace and bracelets? Dann Hires @ McCarty\'s Jewelry

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