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Monthly favorites: November 2012

Hey hey hey, guess who is back?)

     Firstly, I apologize for my absence. I was extremely busy with my work all month (and I’ll tell you some huge exciting news very soon!) and then I had some kind of problem with our platform (it felt like Blogger just ignored my IP or something). But everything is ok now and Banana is back on blogging track, ready to tell you what I’ve been wearing, watching and eating this month. So grab yourself a mug of tea and expand this long post.

      As my one and only fashion favorite let me introduce you to my new love, or, as I call it, the oyster coat. I was on a mission to get a good winter coat, just randomly saw this one in a local boutique (by the way, it was made by designer Ekaterina Smolina from St.Petersburg) and fell in love instantly, madly and deeply. You guys know my love to weird clothing, I just have to bring home the weirdest coat I’ve found :) It’s very warm, very well-made, sits like a glove, the fur is incredibly soft and it looks great with all kind of pants and skirts underneath = it’s a perfect coat!

      With that being written, I trying to avoid black for an everyday wear, it make me feeling blue during winter. As all ladies know, the easiest way to add color to winter outfits is to use a bright lip products and nail polishes. So I’ve been loving these two  polishes by Orly: ‘Cashmere Cardigan’, which is a perfect bright periwinkle shade (and if you have no idea now what periwinkle means, it’s something between blue and lilac), and ‘Galaxy Girl’, fantastic shimmery duochrome which - as you can see - really looks  galactic (and very festive, as for me. Yup, I’m already very excited for Christmas!). By the way, they both stay on for a very long time and apply very easily. 

      As for bright lip products, I’ve been wearing fuschia a lot, especially  this  MAC Kissable Lipcolor in ‘Scan-delicious’ (last winter’s limited edition), which looks like lipgloss, but actually is a lipstick, very opaque, extremely lasting and almost matte. I think, fuschia goes great in winter, it looks quite unexpected and compliments a lot of  fall/winter colors, such as mustard, grey, teal and dark brown. Also there are no cold month without burgundy lips, and my choice is MAC ‘Hang-up’ (from their permanent line), very dark, glossy burgundy shade. 

     I have a skincare favorite as well. Guys, THIS ANGEL MAKES MAGIC. Seriously. For example, let me tell you a short story: I had a three spots on my forehead, quite bad and painful, so I applied this treatment without any hope, to be honest, and forgot about it. After an hour they were all gone! I thought I had a problem with my eyes. So bravo for Grease Lighnting by LUSH!

     What else, what else...I think that is all for a kind of a girly stuff, so let’s move on to my food & drink favorites. As I’ve said, I’ve already allowed herself to be excited about winter holidays, as we have a lot of snow and all the shops are decorated, so I’ve been spending my free evenings with Christmas movies and Christmas teas. My favorites are from a local tea shops Унция, and these ones are (from left to right): Rosa Orienta / Роза Ориента, a green tea with roses and other flowers; Apple with cinnamon / Яблоко с корицей, a camomile tea with dried apples and cinnamon sticks, just a Christmas quintessential; Granny’s pie / Бабушкин пирог, a black tea with dried fruits, almonds and a hints of vanilla and chocolate (it smells exactly like a brownie!). 

     I try to keep my healthy diet going, but...I’ve discovered heaven this month, a cookies brand Elsa’s stories. They taste divine, and I also love all their brand concept. Everything about them is just so cute! I’ll be honest with you guys, their price range is ridiculously high, and not every kind of their cookies worth it (don’t try fruit slices), but the crunchy apple & cinnamon ones and these pastry bites (all of them, especially these particular banana ones (of course), and maple syrup & pecan ones) are really delicious. Go and try them now!

     I have no book favorites this month, but three movies to share with you.  First of them is 'Cloud Atlas', based on a D.Mitchell’s  novel. I can’t actually find a proper words to describe this masterpiece, but I’ll try. It follows 6 story lines, telling us about the past and about the future, about love and about evil, about hope and about desperation. It combines a lot of different genres and you can laugh and cry during the same fifteen minutes. The film based on idea of reincarnations of the same soul in different bodies and gave us hope that every person no matter how small he or she is against the whole world can change our history, that every try is an important step, every soul is God. 'Cloud Atlas' is a very long and a quite difficult movie, but it made me think about my life, left a right aftertaste in my head and to be honest, I can’t remember the movie I’ve liked more. Have you guys seen it? 

     The other film I’ve enjoyed this month is actually a very popular one, a documentary about Vogue magazine called 'September issue'. Why I didn’t know about this film before?! Gosh, I’m always so late...This film revolves around a making of the Vogue September 2007 issue, the most thick one in the history of Vogue, and show us all the effort to make the most  powerful media product in fashion industry ever. I love it mostly for opportunity to know more about Anna Wintour, the famous editor and ‘the devil’ Miranda Pristley prototype. Yes, this is a reality of ‘The devil wears Prada’ movie, and if you like that comedy, you’ll definitely like ‘September issue’. 

     My last movie choice is 'Moonrise Kingdom', new (2012) romantic comedy-drama about a first teenage love, AND NO, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’VE THOUGHT. It’s different, very conceptional, very British (don’t know why, ‘cause it was made in the US), very Lana Del Rey-ish, funny and not cheesy at all. It actually remained me of ‘The Addams’ movie, which I loved so much being younger. 
     I also have been watching Lisa Eldridge YouTube beauty channel a lot. She is a famous celebrities’ make up artist, who always came up with an amazing looks, fresh and glowing, without using a lot of products, so you can re-create all of her works quite easily. It’s not that I’m a make up junkie, not at all, I just like her in general: she is talented, very sophisticated, seems intelligent and her voice is so so calming. 

     Talking about YT’s make up talks, I have another (and final! yay!) favorite lady this month, and it’s Estee or Essiebutton. GOD, THIS WOMAN IS HILARIOUS. She need her own comedy show. I watch her not for beauty information, just because she is beautiful, down-to-earth and incredibly funny. I decided to show you one of my favorite video out of all hers below. 

That’s it, guys! I’ll see you later with a lot of outfit posts!

Have a great life! 

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  5. Love the way you set your objects at your pictures, great shots! And your look with that snow background is just AMAZING!

    Such a fan of "The September Issue" too!

  6. awesome songs! love the coat, you look chic and stunning xx

    Letters To Juliet

  7. Oh my god those pastry bites look so tasty! x

  8. Great coat! Love it!

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  9. that coat sure is weird but very eye-catching. love it!

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