Sunday, 20 January 2013

I'm on Instagram!

Hey guys!

   Sorry for my absence.  Miss you all, but  very very ve-ry busy with my work (I'm a big boss right now!). I will be back here  soon and will definitely share some uber-exciting news with you when it all sorted out.

   What I’m trying to say, I’m alive and I can prove it - you can find Rosabanana137 on Instagram if you want to have a peek into my daily life or, to be exact, see a lot of food, nailpolish and Gentledog pictires. 

COMING SOON: «My nailpolish collection» post. You’ll see, how obsessed I am.  

Have a great life! x, your Banana

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  1. you are a big Boss now?!
    tell us more about it, we want to be proud <3
    hope to see your nailpolish collection soon

    I adore your blog, keep on doing this wonderful thing you do here.
    I had to follow you, you have a new fan now <3
    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:


Hey bananafriends, thank you for taking time to comment! It means a lot to me. Feel free to leave any requests ;)

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