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Monthly favorites: December 2012

Hey guys! Hope you had an amazing holidays!

     I personally had, and it’s January now which means it’s time to show you my December favorites. Are you ready to dive into red, sparkly, Christmassy things again? :)
     My one and only fashion favorite is this adorable rose sweatshirt from Zara. Our December was unbearably cold, so I’d been wearing this snuggly baby non-stop. The sweatshirt looks vintage and remains me of everything I love: roses, red and black, Frida Kahlo, Spain, gypsies...What can be better? I also love how it’s relaxed and very feminine at the same time. 

     As for jewelry I had two favorites this month, both are from my Russian shop Rosa Banana.  First is this ‘ice cubes’ Snow Queen's necklace made from a quartz or - how some of us call it - a rock crystal. Perfect wintery piece!

     The second is a leather bracelet with an African malachite (from my last summer collection) which can bring a so-called bit of edge in any outfit.

      Moving on to beauty things, firstly I’ll show you a perfume I’ve been wearing most of the days, and it is Daisy Pop Art Edition by Marc Jacobs. This is my favorite version out of all Daisies: first - I just adore the packaging (for the same reasons I love my 1st item in here), second - I love citrus and floral notes together, and I feel that in this one there’re more of them which make the perfume so bright, feminine and festive. So this is my favorite fragrance for winter, ‘cause I want to wear something more warming, more heavy when it’s cold ang grey outside, but I hate too sweet scents. This Daisy just has a perfect balance of ingredients. I also adore the black version, which is more intence and sophisticated one, perfect for a nights out (at least for me). By the way I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this perfume, and the most part goes from men!

       I have no makeup favorites except for a MAC Prep+Prime skin refined zone treatment which basically is a mattifying makeup base for your T-zone. I wear it non-stop and I really have no need to powder during the day, it’s amazing! I apply it even as my eyeshadow primer and it works pretty good as well (I have a very oily eyelids so I always searching for a perfect primer. Any suggestions?).

     Every festive season I go crazy about shimmery and glittery nailpolishes. This December my choice are these two beauties by Orly: Crawford’s wine, a perfect Christmassy shimmery deep red, and Oui, which is a purple one with a lot of gold shimmer in it -  the most unusual and festive nail color I’ve ever seen.

     As he weather was so evil to us, my hair had been very dry during the first half of December. I’ve been using the original Mythic Oil by L’Oreal Professionnel before and it couldn’t really help, so I got this Mythic Oil Rich Oil (the intense version for unruly hair) which did a great job making my hair way more soft, shiny and healthy-looking. I also adore the packaging and the scent...the scent...ahhhhhhh!

     All ladies know how hard it is to stay fit and healthy during festive time, and I have been desperately trying to at least cut down the amount of sweets I have been eating. So I’ve found a perfect mid-day snack for me (or breakfast, if I want something sweet) - this Corny chocolate-banana granola bar, incredibly tasty and perfectly filling thing.  I adore banana & chocolate combination and it has just a little bit of chocolate to be still considered as healthy. 

     I’m sure a lot of you understand that I’ve been listening to the Christmas music all thorought December and there is no more festive songs for me that Frank Sinatra’s ones even if some of them are not about holidays at all. They all are so beautiful, calming and positive.

Strangers in the Night:

Listen or download Strangers in the Night for free on Prostopleer

Let it snow: 

Listen or download Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It for free on Prostopleer

New York New York:
Listen or download Theme From New York, New York for free on Prostopleer

     As for other blogs I’ve been loving TheModelRecommends YouTube channel. It dedicated to beauty and fashion and the advices from Ruth, a professional UK model, is really helpful and informative. I highly recommend to watch her skincare videos.
      I’ll finish my post with the least Christmassy favorite, the thriller-horror movie called The Mist which is based on Steven King book. It’s pretty old one and I’m sure a lot of you had already watched this. Me, being as late with movies as always, just watched it this month with my bf and we were really impressed. You know, nowadays it’s really hard to impress people with scary movies, but they managed to do it even when the movie is not scary at all (at least for us). It’s really interesting and it’s the ending which we love that much. Watch it for the ending. Promise me guys. 

That’s it, folks! Have a great life!

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  1. i LOVE that sweatshirt......i love the vintage look to it too!
    brooke @ what2wear

  2. Nice stuff, I hope you have a nice week =)

  3. beautiful post!!:):)Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  4. The glittery nailpolish has the perfect shade! X

  5. Beautiful post and o lot of cool stuff! Thanks for your lovely comments in my blog, Rosa, you're such a nice girl and my best wishes for you in this new year!

  6. Lovely haul... :)

  7. Some exciting bits! I love the rose jumper xx

  8. Прекрасный образ - настоящая аристократка из 19ого века! и свитер замечательный, он мне скорее напомнил русские мотивы, чем испанские, но одно не исключает другого:)


  9. I am loving the sweater!


    My Dutch Fashion Style

  10. Great post!

  11. Ой ой, я хочу такой свитер!!! Отпад)

  12. Музыка отменная! Шикарный свитер. И я тоже люблю батончики Corny:)

  13. That sweater is just adorable! I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

    s a r t o r i a l d i n e r
    Instagram @ sartorialdiner


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