Monday, 12 November 2012

Don’t let the flowers go

Hey guys, how are you?

    It’s almost winter, and I’m wearing floral print shorts! Yes, I’m going into an opposite direction, ‘cause I used to wear only black and grey during the cool months, and now I’m happy with my brights and prints. I can’t actually even think about black and grey these days. BANANA VOTES FOR A COLORFUL WINTER!

   Florals are my favorite print, and if you love flowers as much as I do, you would like to know how to incorporate your floral summer pieces into the fall-winter wardrobe. My main tips (oh look now I’m teaching you how to dress, how pompous...) are: 1) wear florals on the dark background, such as these shorts from CUTE last summer collection. The black background gives a winter vibe to them; 2) try to fing a floral pieces, which have darker or just more fall-ish/wintery shades on them (berries, jewels, grey, brown...). For example, mine have a quite bright turquoise flowers on them, but there’re a lot more of the mustаrdy leaves and the greyish peonies; 3) combine that print with a knits, leather, tweed or -again - just with a fall/winter colors. 

   I’ve tried to mix all my tips into the one outfit, hope you’ll find it helpful! By the way, the background of these pictures somehow remained me of the Harry Potter series...

Jumper, shorts: CUTE (young local designer brand; the jumper is from new collection)
Leather jacket: Neohit
Boots: Carlo Pazolini
Bag: Barbara Boner
Necklace: H&M
Lipstick: Hang Up by MAC
Nailpolish: We’ll always have Paris by Orly 

Have a great life! 

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  1. Мне очень понравились кольцо и браслет. Да и вообще, образ вышел очень клевый :)

  2. Look carinissimo ;D Reb, xoxo.
    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  3. Отлично выглядишь! Очень понравился браслет и

  4. Нравиться ваш стиль и блог!
    давайте дружить.

  5. love the way you styled those perfect for cold weather!
    brooke @ what2wear

  6. great look! I love your jacket♥ XOXO

  7. I really like your fringed bag and oversized ring :)

    The Style Rawr!

  8. Отличные советы, очень правильные. мне тоже нравится цветочный принт, но он сложные, так что советы оч кстати:)безумно понравились украшения, особенно твой шикарный браслет


  9. Great look!

  10. Great Styling! Cool and trendy!
    Love it! Have a great week doll!

  11. Thank you all! Guys you're so great <3


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