Friday, 2 November 2012

Sunday Up Market haul

Hey guys!

   I have a haul for today’s post, a haul of things I've bought this weekend on Sunday Up Market. If you don’t know what SUM is (what you might likely don’t ‘cause it’s a local thing), it’s basically a big indoor music and shopping festival where you can buy clothes and accessories by a local designers, listen to the local bands and DJ’s music, eat a lot of sweets and even attend some master classes about fashion, photography, graphic design, advertising and so on. By the way, I was also working there with my little jewelry shop Rosa Banana.

   Well, here they are, my new babies. Firstly I went to CUTE corner. You’ve probably already tired to hear about how awesome CUTE is, but I’m going to carry on, ‘cause it’s my favorite designer brand and if you don’t like their stuff I don’t like you, you’re weird (haha just kidding, of course). Anyway, my first purchase is this cozy and slightly slouchy mustardy jumper from their new collection. I used to dislike mustardy shades, but surprisingly I fell in love with this little thing, it is perfect for fall and look great with my hair color. The material is adorable: it’s not knitted, but it feels very textural, soft and warm. The jumper came with a three pretty brooches, their logotypes, but I took them off, ‘cause  brooches in general are not my cup of tea.

   Also from their new collection I got this stunning dress, rich chocolate one with the leather details. It looks huge on this picture, but it sits very nicely, not figure-hugging, but still feminine. This dress is only one in the world (and I’m the proud owner!), but they still have a couple of skirts of the same style, they’re gorgeous as well. 

   I found these charming shorts from their previous collection, which I loved this summer and then unfairly forgot to buy.  I actually planning to wear them now, ‘cause I love the idea of fall-winter florals, and they have a black background and a mustardy leaves on them. They go great with all kinds of knitwear and just a plain dark tops. I will definitely show you how I style them very soon, maybe even with the first jumper. 

   Aside from CUTE I got three things as well. Next I did my very first purchase from Klod, young local brand, and despite I don't usually like their designs and the name, I just fell in love with this milky white quilted dress (jumperdress? sweatdress? hoodiedress?). This actually remained me of a straitjacket and Margiela designs. This is the coziest thing ever, it feels like you’re wearing a blanket. As I said, in love with it madly and deeply! They also have a very nice colorful infinity scarves in stock, maybe I'll purchase one of them as well. 

   Then I just randomly and surprisingly (because I -once again - hate the name of the shop) got this necklace from my ‘neighbours’ corner E-cuff. They are  newbies, but a very successful ones actually, and just a great guys in general! Love the necklace, it can dress up a very plain outfits. 

   Aaaaaaaand...let me introduce you to my final purchase, the most silly and naughty one. I actually don’t know why I need that,  but I just couldn’t leave this bad boy there. Should I wear it as a necklace, what do you think? ;) By the way, it’s made by Tisha Adams.

That’s it, guys! Hope you’ve enjoyed, don’t forget to comment ;)

Have a great life!

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  1. nice photos and blog! Keep it up!

  2. oh i love that sweater! and the leather details on the dress. good finds!

  3. nice new things Rosa, hope you show us how your look on that sweater soon! :)

  4. Oh you got some great finds!!!!!!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  5. I really admire your fashion taste.

  6. Cute haul! The burgundy dress looks awesome. :)


  7. love this sweater and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  8. Ilove the sweaters!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

  9. ohh, thank you sweetheart for such a lovely comment on my blog! I appreciate that so much!!!

    Your blog is grea and I love all the items you have(especially the necklace) Do you want to become followers , so we could stay in touch? Let me know.

    Many many kisses!!!

  10. lovely blog.

  11. Amazing purchases sweetie...and that necklace...(sight) I think I'm in love!
    It’s always so pleasant to visit your site!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!
    Big hugs!

  12. прикольные фотки ты делаешь с одеждой!)) мне понравилось платье с кожаными вставками)

  13. Thank you all, you're such a sweethearts! <3

  14. Very nice sweater:))

    wanna follow each other?


  15. love the burgundy pants! so cute

    love from San Francisco,

  16. nice! some great finds you have there.

  17. Мне нравится, что вы все демонстрируете на ЕЛКЕ! это очень необычно)

    Посетите мой блог)


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